the blog of the Colombian Delegates in Norway!!

1000 Mulţumiri ! Dzięki! Tack! Takk !

 Thanks! Gracias …

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* Orsi *Sandro *Konrad*Ralph =)

They werent  more than one media group , who used to record us everywhere …. they were our friends during long period in Tromsø.

Now , we had to say : bye or ha det …..and at the same time wishing them the best in their lives , thanks so much for your effort and dedication , we know that follow us itsn an easy task! =)

For sure, we will keep all the things and knowledge that you spreaded and of course the great job that you did in the video ! =)

Enjoy your new experience in your different countries !


Remember: that Carlos . Red Cross volunteer and the girl who has the world in her hands with Red Cross will be waiting you in Colombia !


tusen takk!


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