the blog of the Colombian Delegates in Norway!!

Dear Readers/ Queridos lectores:


It’s been a long time that we have not updated our blogg ,because of  it has been a time for making , preparing and developing many kind of youth activities.

We continue working and each day: new experiences , new things for learning and new people !

We have had a great time   in Tromsø , first a nice fall;  time for seeing  the leafs  of the trees fall and  change their color from green to yellow , now looking forward the winter with fresh air , snow and … darkness 😉 !

Finally , we want to share with you , our  activities done during this time , hope you enjoy:

In Children Red Cross activity – zoo / con los Niños Cruz Roja – en el zoologico

taking many pictuares and knowing the little Donkey. /tomando fotos y conociendo al pequeño Burro.
Our contact person working a lot in Global Dignity ! finally, good results!/nuestra persona de contacto trabajando un monton por el dia de la dignidad global, finalmente buenos resultados.
many schools, many students, many histories and only meaning : Dignity./muchos colegios,muchos estudiantes, muchas historias y un solo significado:Dignidad.
Great histories about Dignity! here with Vighita our district leader./Grandes historias sobre Dignidad!aqui con Vighita nuestra lider de distrito.
Beverly , who shared her experiences about humanitarian work and IHL/Beverly, quien compartio sobre su trabajo humanitario y DIH.
International week school Birtavarre /semana internacional colegio en Birtavarre
In the international week , teaching HIL./ En la semana internacional , enseñando DIH.
In the international week , teaching Migration./En la semana internacional , enseñando migracion.


Colombian evening! having fun and showing our cultural richness !/Noche Colombiana , pasandola bueno y mostrando nuestra riqueza cultural.
Jummy !! colombian food =) /hummmm !! comida colombiana!
Proud of being colombian people!/ orgullosos de ser Colombianos.
new youth group in Målselv !/ nuevo grupo en Målselv.
showing our Colombian Red Cross and youth delegate program!/mostrando nuestra Cruz Roja Colombiana y el programa de delegados de juventud.
In Birtavarre with others youth groups./En Bitavarre con otros grupos de juventud.
Hiking with the leader of Bitarvarre./En senderismo con el lider de Bitavarre.
our contact person saying
Our contac person inaugurating the halloween meeting , in Harstad. Inviting to people to be part of Red Cross Youth./ Nuestra persona de contacto inagurando nuestro encuentro de Halloween , en Harstad.Invitando a las personas a  ser parte de Cruz Roja  de la  juventud.
Icebreaker !/ Rompe hielos.
Games and dancing./ Juegos y baile.
Interesting workshops in Bodø/ interesantes talleres en Bodø.
Active choice instructors course ./ Curso de intrsuctores “Active choice” educacion sexual.

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